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The Company

Monde M.Y. San Corporation, where the best of all worlds in quality and product excellence may be found, as embodied in our flagship brands, SkyFlakes crackers and Fita crackers.


Diversity makes the world go 'round and good taste unites it! Monde M.Y. San Corporation has been in the business of baking a wide assortment of superlative crackers and biscuits since 1935, which today are enjoyed the world over, by folks from all walks and nations.

From its humble beginnings, originating from the Escolta Ice Cream Parlor in Manila in 1935, the founders, the Mar Family, have taken a tradition of creating delectably wholesome snack foods into a new age.

Because of old-fashioned and time-honored values for quality, combined with 21st century technology-driven efficiency, we forge onward to provide the best possible products to our consumers and a most rewarding partnership for our dealers and distributors. This is why you will find our products across all seven seas, with an ever expanding following throughout the globe. Join us as we continue to grow and innovate. Partake of the sweet taste of success!

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